UGC Regulations 2017

Public Response to Draft UGC Regulations 2018

Hi all! We’ve come to you to ask for help on a specific matter that pertains to every UGC-affiliated college and university in this country (that’s a LOT of colleges and universities). The UGC has published the Draft Regulations 2018 on appointment and service conditions of teaching staff, librarians and other instructional personnel. The draft has some really positive proposed measures, like the rollback of API-PBAS for promotions under CAS, but a number of other measures that we believe could use serious amendments!

The draft can be reached here:

WHO does it affect? Every academic working in a UGC-affiliated institution in some way or the other, and especially younger academics in entry level positions.

WHAT does it affect? Service conditions of teaching staff; promotions and leaves; appointments. 

The UGC has also asked us for our feedback on the draft. This is where all of us come in.

We have here a draft of the detailed feedback originally prepared by the Delhi University Teachers’ Association and briefly modified by a few colleagues in Calcutta. We warn you, it’s rather long, but if you would prefer to go through it, it’s here:

What do we ask of you? Simple. E-mail the UGC at

Send them your own feedback, or simply use the detailed thirteen point feedback we have prepared here to reach out to the UGC in five simple steps:

  1.  Click here. Press the copy button on top right, or simply copy/paste.
  2. Open your email.
  3.  In the subject field, paste: FEEDBACK FOR DRAFT UGC REGULATIONS 2018
  4. In the to field, paste:
  5. Hit send, and you’re done!

Help us engage the UGC in dialogue, since they have so ‘kindly’ asked for public engagement – which they rarely do! The university community is a small one, but we know that we reach many, many lives in some form or the other. So if you could take out a few minutes of your time and do this, it will help our universities and our colleges and the people who work there and teach thousands of young minds every year.

Remember, time is running out. We only have till midnight, 28th February, so let’s make this little time count!