Draft NEP


The Government of India has finally unveiled the much-awaited draft of the National Educational Policy 2019, and with that, has come a host of new issues to address and engage with. (To access a copy of the draft, please click here.) JOIN US in our mass feedback campaign to tell the MHRD what we think about it! WE HAVE TIME TILL 30 JUNE!

THIS CAN BE DONE IN FIVE EASY STEPS, taking 2-3 mins of your time:

  1. Open your email, and COMPOSE a new email. In the subject field, paste: FEEDBACK FOR DRAFT NEP 2019.
  2. In the to field, paste: nep.edu@nic.in
  3. Click herePress the copy button on top right, or simply copy (CTRL + C on Windows; COMMAND + C on MAC).
  4. PASTE the copied text in the body of your email (CTRL + V on Windows; COMMAND + V on MAC).
  5. Hit send, and you’re done!

HELP us engage in a democratic process! This affects MILLIONS of students and future generations in India!

The sweeping restructuring in the draft has far-reaching conclusions for higher education in India, not the least of which is:

  • a tightening of political control over education and destruction of university autonomy
  • a surrender to global multi-billion-dollar corporate forces, in opposition to national interest and sovereignty
  • a disastrous restructuring featuring a failed four year model
  • a massive hike in tuition fees
  • an unequal structure that forces out those from economically weaker and historically marginalised backgrounds

To read the full copy of our critique of some aspects of the draft, please click here. If you want to download a pdf copy of the same for reading or distribution, please go here. (Feel free to distribute as much as you wish!)

  • WHO does this concern? Any member of the general public with an interest in higher education in India, especially students looking to study in colleges and universities in India and their parents; teachers working in both universities and colleges, including research scholars looking to enter teaching in the near future.
  • WHY is this important? Because this might be the end of affordable public higher education in India, affecting MILLIONS of students and their futures.
  • HOW can you help? Simple. Join us in sending Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank feedback, by following the instructions above!


(image courtesy Abha Dev Habib/Facebook)

11 thoughts on “DRAFT NEP 2019 – MASS FEEDBACK CAMPAIGN”

  1. Equal right to education is our fundamental right. If any document possess hindrance to it, it is unconstitutional and unjust.
    Our education system should also address our national demands, culture and integrity. Any policy, no matter whom so ever it may profit, should be immediately rejected.


  2. Right to education is our fundamental right. If any document possess hindrance to it, it is unconstitutional and unjust.


  3. 1.Reservation in admission to higher education should completely be abolished.only merit should be counted.
    2.Moreover the scholarship of 140000per year to sc students only increases the number of registrations.They appear at the end of session only to collect money.
    3.No reappears to be carried forward for 3 yrs.the students stop taking education seriously.
    4.Students should be taught DIGNITY OF LABOUR along with vocational education.they should not feel shy to do any job……..like western countries.


  4. Sir I have indeed done as per yr direction sending the email.But is that ok.I copy pasted and sent the email exactly as per yr direction but wont the govt get to know that everybody is writng the same as what you hv written?

    Was yr direction odf sending the email equivalent to signing a petition like we do in Change dot org?
    Whatever.I totally agree with your view point and hence have sent the email !


  5. If the plan is implemented in India it is a great disadvantage for the village people and half of the people in India will begpointed out Tamilnadu. No one go to government job if it is implemented. Rural area people cannot go to work our india 🇮🇳growth will go down automatically then India will be desert in few years please terminate the plan to grow Indian people


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