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Public Response to Draft UGC Regulations 2018

Hi all! We’ve come to you to ask for help on a specific matter that pertains to every UGC-affiliated college and university in this country (that’s a LOT of colleges and universities). The UGC has published the Draft Regulations 2018 on appointment and service conditions of teaching staff, librarians and other instructional personnel. The draft has some really positive proposed measures, like the rollback of API-PBAS for promotions under CAS, but a number of other measures that we believe could use serious amendments!

The draft can be reached here:

WHO does it affect? Every academic working in a UGC-affiliated institution in some way or the other, and especially younger academics in entry level positions.

WHAT does it affect? Service conditions of teaching staff; promotions and leaves; appointments. 

The UGC has also asked us for our feedback on the draft. This is where all of us come in.

We have here a draft of the detailed feedback originally prepared by the Delhi University Teachers’ Association and briefly modified by a few colleagues in Calcutta. We warn you, it’s rather long, but if you would prefer to go through it, it’s here:

What do we ask of you? Simple. E-mail the UGC at

Send them your own feedback, or simply use the detailed thirteen point feedback we have prepared here to reach out to the UGC in five simple steps:

  1.  Click here. Press the copy button on top right, or simply copy/paste.
  2. Open your email.
  3.  In the subject field, paste: FEEDBACK FOR DRAFT UGC REGULATIONS 2018
  4. In the to field, paste:
  5. Hit send, and you’re done!

Help us engage the UGC in dialogue, since they have so ‘kindly’ asked for public engagement – which they rarely do! The university community is a small one, but we know that we reach many, many lives in some form or the other. So if you could take out a few minutes of your time and do this, it will help our universities and our colleges and the people who work there and teach thousands of young minds every year.

Remember, time is running out. We only have till midnight, 28th February, so let’s make this little time count!      

37 thoughts on “Public Response to Draft UGC Regulations 2018”

  1. There should be a mechanism for verification of research degree viz P.HD, M.Phil, because many universities in the country is giving such degrees without following the minimum standard regulations of ugc.


  2. There should not be any increments to be given to in-service persons as this is creating bogus degrees. Preference should be given pH.d holders at the time of appointment. Work load should be increased tutorials should be removed. There should be difference between the pay of asstt prof to associate professor professor and principal today’s pay professor and principal there no difference. Only 1000 GP for professor. All these anomalies are to be corrected.


  3. I want to draw your attention towards an important point regarding pay protection of Assistant Professors changing universities. An AP working stage 2 when gets selected in a new university the new university is only protects the Pay in the Payband and not the AGP(level) causing monetary loss as well as loss of
    years while counting minimum required service period for next stage 3 in the new university.
    I would urge the DUTA to please take this matter also in their representation. So that the teachers AP smoothly shift/change universities.


  4. It injustice for those associate professors who completed their Ph.D after 01/01/2016.
    They are promoted to associate professor after completing 14 year service as assistant professor.
    They get no benefit of Ph.D for cas and now no increment s for Ph. D.
    At least Ph.D increments are must for those who does not get any benefit for this higher qualification .


  5. I also strongly suggest that ph.d.increments should be given to theme who not Only completed their ph.d. before Associate Professor but also after Associate Professor Promotion bcoz they had given their valuable time even after their joining in service and contributed to the subject in general and students will get knowledge of their extended horizons of thinking.


    1. I agree to this point. There should be a clear policy about this. When ever a teacher completes his Ph. D , He/ She should be considered eligible for these increments. The government should recognize extra efforts made while teaching in whatsoever grade the person may be.


  6. UGC should promote full time doctoral research . Those who are doing full time PhD their experience must be considered as research experience while appointing him. Full time research is only possible with fellowship or the institute can support him by giving 2hr per day teaching workload and stipennd. But the candidate should not be considered as appointed teacher. As far as possible provision of part-time or distance research should be stopped. Secondly, by doing mou with industry PhD student should be allowed to do research in industrial setup. For that industry has to provide stipend. Today. Part time PhD holders get promoted easily because of PhD degree and experience where true researcher is considered as fresh. Thank you.


  7. Its good to reform d selection criteria particularly regarding percentage of graduation….I think students with high IQ should only go for higher studies….. so that in future average n below average students would not get suffer as they are already out of race otherwise later they have to be out of race….. At least they can focus on other fields n can do better…..thanks UGC


  8. There must be a compulsion of Having P.hd for the Post of Associate Professor after 2021 But Not for Assistant Professors for recruitment.


  9. PhD should be considered for increment as well promotion purpose. During the time of selection PhD should not be compulsory. But after PhD it’s benefit should be given to PhD holder.


  10. U G C must ban on line journals which runs only to increase API. Moreover take action for private University which produces demmy Ph D only to get grade


  11. The working hours are mentioned as 7 hours a day. It should be 5 hours a day and 2 hours for research or for preparation. No other job requires a daily preparation except teachers. As knowledge is volatile for preparation we need time hence 7 hours a day is irrelevant.


  12. Respected Sir/Madam, I would like to share my views regarding UGC Draft -2018. While selection to the post of Assistant Professor in Various colleges and varsities NET shall remain compulsory eligibility to enter the professional services but Ph.D. should be considered for promotion or research project assignment purpose. Because youngsters who qualify as early as possible in the UGC-NET Exams they should be preferred at entry level selection in developing Higher Education in India.

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  13. UGC should consider the qualified and eligible candidates who are serving the university Departments as guest faculty since more than two decades.The university is utilising their services but they are paid only the honorarium. No medical research assignments.Though they are serving they are denied of all the emoluments.their conditions are pathetic. Please do some thing to these kind of people.please collect the information and take some measure recognising their service and give Justice to these unlucky people who were not able to come to the main stream


  14. There are some academicians who think that PH.D is the only qualification that ensures the quality of teaching profession in higher education.There are many private,autonomous bodies that produce research degrees as commercial commodity.Most of the research degree holders are not ready to communicate their findings publicly.This kind of over emphasis on research degree is to be withdrawn .Teachers who are having 14 years of good teaching track record is to be promoted as associate professors without considering research degree.


  15. All UGC regulation and norms – such as work load, pay scale etc.,must be enforced in private and self finance institutions also. There should not be any disparity between faculties of govt and self finance instituion & staff.


  16. There is no mention of visual arts /Fine Arts/Art Education/ Sculpture/ Dance/ Drama/ Music etc and other related fields in the entire draft for CAS promotion purpose. This gives an extra struggle and effort for faculty members working on these posts to get the forms approved at each level.


  17. Assistant professor in Education must have Post-Graduate degree in Social Science/Humanities/Science/Mathematics/Languages/Commerce with 55% marks and M.Ed. with 55% marks. While the Essential Qualification for the post of Assistant Professor in Arts, Humanities, Social Science, and Science is 55 % marks only in post-graduation degree of the respective discipline.
    It is injustice to insist the candidates who apply for assistant professor in education must have 55% marks both in M.Ed. and their Major discipline.
    Hence, it is suggested that they may have 55% marks either in M.Ed. or their major discipline as per the NCTE 2007 regulations.


  18. Need to enhance the budget for higher education and let ugc take care of it as usual. This act should be abolished as it is detrimental for the future students and teachers.


  19. For some time we have experienced increased interference of governments in deciding academic structures, purpose and focus of education while keeping academics outside the ambit of policy making.
    The academic body should control the funds.
    The UGC was to prevent such direct interference and influence. When institutional heads feel funding is in direct control of the ministry, they will be forced to carry forward what they are told even informally. In present proposal the Ministry may use it as a mouthpiece and fund universities, schools and programs that are aligned to the bureaucrats and politicians. Where ever in the world, generalist / bureaucrats dictates, organization, institution don’t serve the purpose and goes to vain.

    HECI should be highly specialised body with no provision to remove Chairman by Govt. Otherwise whole process seems to be a eyewash tactics to control fund and power of UGC by politicians and bureaucrats.

    Forthcoming generation will obviously not condone the wrong doers.The present structure is being completely replaced without providing a detailed study of its founding goals, achievements, its shortcomings and their possible reasons and corrective measures taken or required to improve the health of the UGC.


  20. Please don’t disrupt existing institutions
    By bringing in an Act which was not a Bill the government is insulting a democratic institution and trending upon the rights of people to live a free life. The democratic system must be followed strictly. They are also promising to downsize and look after the interests of Students. What about the interests of teachers and service staff. Kindly consider all stake holders. By centralising education which will be the outcome of such a move the nation as a pluralistic state will be destroyed. States will lose power and all students will be at th emercy of the central government States situated far away from Delhi and with different cultures will be adversely affected. Also minority institutions that have works tirelessly for the down trodden will get hit badly. Students will lose an opportunity to study. Further the new move gives more power to the political figureheads who are far moved from actual academics. Leave the academicians alone please to do their work peacefully. Do not let politics pollute academics


    1. I’m not sure if this is a problem only I’m facing I’ve managed to get the response text for the mail from a friend, thanks for doing this, All power to JNU!


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